Sunday, June 08, 2014

God Does Not Need Your Money

PSALM 50:10,12 NLT
10 For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the
cattle on a thousand hills.
12 If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for all the world is
mine and everything in it.

While giving is a valid part of God's training program for
mankind, God's plan is not going to fail if you don't give Him
your money.

God does not need money. People need money -- not God. God is
after your heart, not your money.

It is ridiculous to think of God being in need, when He can
speak and create planets. Just by speaking words, God could
create anything He needed or wanted.

Yet I believe in giving to God and practice it. Why?

Because I need God's help and blessing. God does not need what
I have to offer Him, but I certainly need what He has to offer
me. So I give to God as an expression of worship and gratitude.

How can we give to God? Obviously, we can't put money directly
in His hand.

But Jesus said that if you did something to even the least of
His brethren, it was as if you did it to Him. (Matthew 25:40)

In the Old Testament people gave to God by giving to those He
appointed as priests. Fortunately, under the New Covenant, we
can go directly to God through Jesus Christ, without needing a
priest as an intermediary. However, the New Testament still
indicates that those who spread the Gospel are to be supported
by our giving to God.

13 Don't you realize that those who work in the temple get
their meals from the offerings brought to the temple? And those
who serve at the altar get a share of the sacrificial
14 In the same way, the Lord ordered that those who preach the
Good News should be supported by those who benefit from it.

So it is Scriptural to give to those who are spreading the
Gospel. But it is wrong to think God is totally dependent on
human giving of money to accomplish His plan.

I do give to other ministers including some who spend great
amounts of money spreading Biblical teaching through various
media. So I am not against spending money to spread the Gospel.
I am just against the idea that this is the only way God could
do it, and that God is somehow dependent on my giving.

As an example, when the communists took over in China, they
forced all the missionaries to leave the country, leaving
around one million believers with no obvious help or support.
They had no Christian TV or radio, no Bible schools, no
Christian publishing houses, no help from anyone but God. Yet
it has been acknowledged that the number of believers grew to
about one hundred million during the years they were cut off
from all outside help. God will not be stopped!

Even if all preachers in the world were killed today, and all
Christian media was banned, God would still be at work, and
would still bring to pass His will.

We should use every available means to bless others and spread
the message of Jesus Christ. But we must never make the error
of thinking God's plan will fail because of a lack of money.

SAY THIS: God does not need my money, but I need what God has
to offer me.


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