Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Train Your Children

6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old
he will not depart from it.

God's plan is that children be a great blessing in a family.
Sadly, in many homes, the children are holy terrors,
exasperating and exhausting their parents. In every case, it is
the fault of the parent(s).

All young children act exactly as they have been trained by
their parents (or other care givers). As they get older
children have additional influences that may affect their
behavior, such as peers, television, teachers, etc.

Children are smart and train easily. They are much smarter than
a cow or a horse or a dog, who all can be successfully trained
to behave.

Every parent, without exception, trains their children. A few
train them properly -- in the way they should go. But all
parents train.

If you have young children now in your home, they are acting
exactly as you have trained them to act by your past actions.

If you allow your children to disrespect or disobey you, that
is your choice. Don't blame your children. They are just doing
what they have been trained to do.

Most parents tell their children to do right, but few seem to
consistently train their children to actually do right.
Training is much more than teaching, for it requires that the
desired action be done over and over, until acting right
becomes a habit.

Don't be deceived into thinking that letting children have
their own way will promote peace -- yours or theirs. No peace
will be found in a home where the instruction of the Lord is
not followed.

13 I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great

Children do not know what is best for them. That is why God
gave them parents who are responsible for training them

But if you did not achieve perfection in this area, God will
still help you and your children. This is not meant to condemn,
but to encourage. If your children are grown, just keep on
loving them and praying for them.

SAY THIS: God will help me and I will train my children in the
way they should go.


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