Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be Thankful For What You Don't Have

18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for
you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Some people have trouble being thankful unless they have a
perfect life with everything they think they should have.

But with the right perspective, you can be thankful when you
have nothing. You can be thankful at least that you are not
being overwhelmed by bad things.

There are many people on a deathbed with cancer or other
diseases, who would gladly give all their financial assets to
be free from their disease. You probably would too, if you were
in that situation.

So, if you are not afflicted with a deadly disease right now,
then you can, and should be thankful, no matter what else is
happening in your life.

"But preacher, I do have a deadly disease and the doctors say
there is no hope. How can I be thankful?"

The fact that you are reading this demonstrates several things.
First, you can read -- and still have vision. That is more than
many people have. You can be thankful for that.

No matter how bad your situation or circumstance in life may
be, there is someone somewhere who has it worse than you do.

Some people desperately wish they had a large house or a fancy
car like their neighbor, not realizing the huge payments their
neighbor is making. You can be thankful you don't have to make
the big monthly payment.

If you are living in peace, you should be thankful that war is
not raging on your doorstep.

Why not take a moment right now and make a list of all the bad
things you are thankful that you don't have.

SAY THIS: Thank You Lord for all the bad things I don't have.


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